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Dentures Before And After Pictures

All the dentures before and after pictures are worth 1000 words. Many intending patients worry about how their teeth or face shape will look after getting dentures. If you are in that state of mind right now, worry no more.

Nothing could be more accurate regarding dramatic denture before and after pictures as we have brought you the picture of those who have had successful denture implants. No situation is hopeless, not even your tooth problems.

With dentures before and after pictures, you will have confidence about what you’d expect if you decide to get dentures. A successful denture will restore your confidence and allow you to express yourself anywhere and anytime while laughing, eating, speaking, or enjoying social situations.

Dentures before and after Picture Gallary

Before and after dentures young adults

dentures before and after

Before and after dentures of this woman is something that brought joy back to her. As you can see from the first picture, she has lost all her teeth and can hardly feel confident with her smile.

The second picture showed a suitable denture and a change of facial shape. This is always the preferred method for transitioning to wearing dentures for the first time because the final result can be better controlled. 

Patient has the opportunity to see a mock-up of the dentures in their mouth and make changes before the dentures are fabricated. In the “before” photo, the patient’s muscles and facial features are not supported by teeth, yielding a sunken-in, prematurely aged appearance.

In the “after” photo, we see her mouth restored to proper form and function, giving her a much more youthful appearance. A dramatic transformation! Properly-constructed dentures fully support the facial structures allowing her to radiate confidence.

Immediate dentures before and after

dentures before and after pictures

The denture before and after pictures showed a patient transitioned from failing teeth to complete denture. From the before picture, you can see how the side of his teeth was damaged. In the after picture, you will notice a change in his lips shape and the beautiful dentures. What a transformation! 

Immediate dentures can be a dramatic transformation that will instantly improve your appearance. The difference is life-changing! But the process is not without its drawbacks and problems.

Approaching the treatment with realistic expectations is key to your success. The dentures don’t have a stable base to rest upon with immediate dentures because the jawbones will change shape and shrink for many months.

Additional dental visits are necessary to reline the dentures to improve their fitness. Be prepared that the dentures that you initially receive are designed to be temporary. You will need a new set of dentures once your gums have fully healed.

Dentures teeth before and after

dentures before and after

This is a picture of a woman whose tooth had a lousy set lining; some people might not be concerned if these were their teeth. From her facial expression from the before picture, you can notice her reserves when smiling.

But after the after picture of the dentures teeth were fixed, you will notice a change on her face, and her smile also took new confidence. You eat, speak, and laugh as if you had all of your natural teeth.

You can agree that dentures teeth before and after feel good on her. She won’t have to worry when smiling, eating, or speaking with friends or colleagues. In addition, the dentures support the facial muscles, preventing her face from having a sunken-in appearance that contributes to wrinkles and prematurely old.

Dentures a new smile before and after

dentures before and after

The denture before and after pictures shown here is an example of the all-on-four technique. In the “before” photo, you see the deteriorating condition of this patient’s natural teeth: broken teeth, broken restorations, and teeth that have become elongated with a lack of bone support due to advanced periodontal disease.

The teeth are too far gone for additional restorative dentistry to be a consideration. With the all-on-four technique, the entire procedure from start to finish is planned step-by-step in advance utilizing computer-aided tomography and computer-aided design software.

The completed digital dentures are made before surgery. Then, the teeth are extracted, and four (or more) implants are placed in the bone of each arch. This allows the dentures to be secured to the implants, preventing the dentures from slipping.

Realize that the entire procedure is a process. You may be able to leave the dental office with everything appearing to be “fixed” the same day. Talk about instant gratification! However, as healing occurs, follow-up care, additional procedures, and maintenance are required.

Eventually, either replacement snap-in dentures or non-removable bridgework will be fabricated on healed ridges resulting in a final restoration of the whole mouth that is as close to the feel of natural teeth as possible.

Do dentures change your face?

dentures before and after

Yes, dentures can change your face because they will replace and fill the gap which your tooth loss caused. Also, your lips tend to sink in, and your chin protruded when you lost teeth. Replacing your teeth with dentures can help you avoid dramatic changes to your face, although you may still notice some facial sagging or wrinkling.

Also, what you have seen in this article is only a sampling of how dentures can change your life. Results vary from person to person. Your situation is truly unique. A treatment plan is designed by your denturist or dentist with your goals and resources in mind.

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This article is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of qualified health providers with questions you may have regarding medical conditions.

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